Conditions   Stable allocations 2010
up dated 12/03/10
Stabling and Camping

Please read carefully as there are some changes from previous years

Firstly the Kelt Capital H.O.Y stabling administration greatly appreciated the amazing co-operation from the competitors in 2009, and we are looking forward to seeing you all again in 2010.

Due to the number of horses needing accommodation on the grounds it can be difficult to cater for everyone’s stabling. There are approximately 1200 yards located on the show grounds approximately 35% of these are covered. The NZ HOY Show gets bigger every year and due to the limited number of covered yards and stables at the show grounds it is really helpful for us to know that you, have a second preference. If you do urgently require a stable please do consider listing the Hastings racecourse stables as a second choice. These facilities are very good. Truck parking and camping is available there. Please help us to ensure we can accommodate everyone’s requests by marking a first and second choice on the form.

There will be an initial covering of shavings put in the covered yards only.  If you require any more shavings you will need to purchase these.  The Scouts will be selling these prior to and during the show.  For further information please click here.

Hay Supplies
STH Hay Supplies are the KCHOY official suppliers of Hay.
Phone: 07 323 6480 to pre-order your supplies.

John Hughes (C.F.P. Master Farrier) is once again our official show Farrier. He can be contacted on 027 201 7503 or ask at the Show Office.

Please Note:
A lot of entries are coming in without payment for stabling.

Please check your addition, and make sure it includes stabling fees.

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