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Shetland Pony 

The Shetland Pony is native to the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland, where they endure harsh weather conditions with little or no protection from the elements.  In the winter they grow a double coat which is totally waterproof, and in contrast their summer coat should be short & glossy.  They have long manes and tails which also protect them from the weather, and when shown, they must be shown in 'full coat and natural feather'. For their size  they are the strongest of all the horse breeds.

Their size and nature make them ideal for a child's first pony and for driving in harness. As driving ponies – they are outstanding with  their high intelligence and courageous disposition.

 The height limit for adult ponies is 10.2 hh.

Black is the foundation colour but any colour is acceptable.

 The Shetland Pony Section

This is the first year that the Shetland Ponies have had a section at Horse of the Year.   Included in our in-hand section are three classes for ridden Shetlands.  One class is for Shetland Pony Under Saddle – which is to be judged on conformation, manners, paces, rider & overall impression.  The second class is for Shetland Pony Hunter which will be judged on jumping style and manners.  There will also be a led rein class.

Nine of the ponies entered, along with their riders, have made the trip up from Christchurch to ride in the Shetland Steeplechase and to compete in the Shetland Pony Section.

KCHOY, competitors and the organisers of the Shetland classes would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support. 

Affordable Storage, Glendale Welsh Section B Stud, NZ Shetland Pony Breeders, Heatherlea Stud, Gleneagles Stud, Harts Bodyshop Paint Dept Ltd, Cotswold Stud and Kapatone Stud.

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