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90km Open Senior (12 starters. 6 qualified)
1st Alex Lothian on Zion in a time of 5:38:20
2nd Hilary Webb on Wintridge Keepsake in a time of 6:10:08
3rd Petra Deacon on Saamen Dance Away in a time of 6:42:06
4th Tina Plastow on Alladin La Ish in a time of 6:57:11
5th Raewyn Carter on Maioro Little Treasure in a time of 7:26:29
6th Jenny Baker on Miro Pippy Long Socks in a time of 7:39:25

 Two riders entered the 90km novice senior but only one qualified


90km Open Junior (8 starters and 6 qualified)

1st Michael Wakeling on Iti in a time of 5:36:30

2nd Amanda Walton on Sir Cae in a time of 5:38:42

3rd Stacey Jones on Makahiwi Pandora in a time of 6:08:48

4th Leanne Ireland on Alshar Blue Levi in a time of 6:29:20

5th Katie Moore on Joe Ballz in a time of 7:21:00

6th Emma Mason on Tararua Mistalight in a time of 7:21:16


40km Open Senior (4 starters 3 qualified)

1st Kelly Gammie on Tahira Scimitar in a time of 2:28:38

2nd Keith McLeod on Majestic Star in a time of 2:28:45

3rd Harry Prasiti on Aspen Hills Hope & Glory in a time of 2:58:21


40km Novice 11 senior and 2 junior

3 vetted out and one was disqualified

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