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Technical perfection over nine fences is what the Show Hunters at this year’s competition will be aiming for, but long before the final event many will be contesting the titles for High Points and Equitation that culminate at Show Hunter’s top competition, Horse of the Year 2009.

At 57 Show Hunter events through New Zealand over the course of the season competitors accumulate points on the national leader boards for the High Points and Equitation series. These two series have spiced up the Show Hunter national competition with sponsors Kiwispan, EIT, and NRM offering an attractive prize pool. The High Points class tests the horse while the Equitation series demands excellence in rider skill.

Kiwispan sponsor the Open and Amateur High Points series with EIT covering the Junior and three categories of Pony classes. NRM have come forward to join the Show Hunter family of sponsors this year with a three division strong equitation series.

For those of you new to Show Hunter, at Horse of the Year 09 you will be watching a sport that examines the technical art of jumping that demands perfection. The round must demonstrate control, rhythm and a flowing performance. The horse will show excellent jumping form folding its legs well, using its body, head and neck, basculing in an even arc over the fence, and present a picture that is a delight to watch. The course will be designed to favour smoothness, accuracy and a flowing performance. The fences will be naturally styled with easy take off type fences with simple verticals and oxers including pickets, natural rails, brushes and small walls.

This year all competitors must qualify with at least 20 points gained over the season before they can compete in any Show Hunter class at the show. Success at the Horse of the Year event provides the highest accolade in the Show Hunter sport in New Zealand with the 20 qualifying points ensuring spectators will be watching the best Show Hunters at all levels.

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