From the Courts of Europe to Hastings, New Zealand – today’s Miniature horse has come a long way.
For The New Zealand enthusiast there are two sizes recognised, the Category A miniature – anything under 34” at maturity and the Category B miniature 34” to 38” at maturity. These truly versatile little horses have crept into the hearts of all those who own them.
Visit the miniature ring and watch them being put through their paces. Day one starts with the halter classes. Here the horses are put through their confirmation classes according to age and gender and later the movement and colour classes.
You can watch the activity classes. Whether it be the challenging obstacles that the horses and their handlers have to negotiate or the jumping, you will get an insight to what makes these little equines so appealing. You’ll be amazed by their jumping technique and how high then can actually go in the fault and out class.
But, wait there’s more to show off their true versatility – the harness. There is nothing quite like watching a well trained miniature performing in harness.
Finally to round off the Horse of the Year show for the miniatures is the Title Classes on Sunday where horses that have qualified at shows during the season to compete for the title of Miniature Horse of the Year. 

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Overall Miniature Horse of the Year Cat A 2008 : Mirror Doll of Dun Roamin
and her handler Tom Cooper

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