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2009 is the first year that the Horse of the Year event will present a Secondary Schools Combined Training competition as part of the show. This provides the schools of New Zealand with the ability to showcase their equestrian teams at this premier equestrian event within New Zealand.

The Secondary Schools Combined Training competition will comprise of one round of dressage and 2 rounds of show jumping, with one of the show jumping rounds being a ‘derby’ type round with different jumps and obstacles to navigate for the riders.

The competition will be split into two levels for the students – Open and Training.
The schools can enter teams of four and can enter individuals if they do not have adequate numbers to make up one or more teams. This will enable schools with smaller equestrian teams to take part in this prestigious event and also give their students a chance to be part of the top equestrian event in New Zealand.

The competition will be held on the Thursday during the Horse of the Year event and we are hoping that all the Secondary School students remain in Hastings for the weekend and soak up the atmosphere of Horse of the Year 2009.

The Open level will perform the B:4 (2000) dressage test and then complete two show jumping rounds at 1.05 m.

The Training level will perform the B:2 (2000) dressage test and then complete two show jumping rounds at 80 cm.

The top Open Team will receive the premier trophy award for this competition. All other competitors will compete for ribbons from 1st to 4th position. All Team riders will be eligible for the Individual ribbon prizes.

For more information on this exciting event please contact Tim Seabrook on (09)
2928989 or (027) 5766624 or you can email Tim Seabrook on [email protected]

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