Pinto's horses have a dual-coloured coat pattern comprised of white areas combined with another of the basic coat colours such as bay, chestnut, black etc, making Pinto unique.

They can be any size or breed. Many are of unknown breeding but can be registered as long as they fit into the colour patern requirements of NZ Pinto Horse Society.

There are 4 recognised colour pattern types: Tobiano, Overo, Tovero and Pintaloosa.

You will see plenty of Pinto horses and ponies competing all over the grounds in differing equestrian disciplines over the course of the Farmlands HOY Show week.

Most owners are more than happy to talk about their lovely coloured horses and you will find them very approachable if you have any questions.

This year, the Pinto showing classes will be run on Friday at the Polo grounds, giving Pinto breeders, handlers and riders a chance to show off these beautiful animals.   




Entries accepted from 1st December 2014.Entries can be submitted online through Equestrian Entries or manually through website entry form.

All competitors need to complete Equestrian Sports NZ Membership Application(as a Community Member if not registered) and forward to ESNZ.

Pinto Schedule please click link.

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