Horses Needed for Visiting Riders

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Sir Mark Todd will be captain of the New Zealand Team in the Tri-Nations! (Photo: Kampic Photography).

The call is out for horses for top international riders for the NRM Horse of the Year Show.

Show director Kevin Hansen needs nine 1.25m-1.3m horses for the Country TV Tri Nations competition and a further five 1.1m-1.15m horses for visiting Chinese riders.

The tri nations horses, for riders from New Zealand, Australia and China, are needed for competition Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday evening.

“Sir Mark Todd is captaining the New Zealand team and there are a crack bunch of Aussies coming, so the horses will be in good hands,” said Hansen.

The 1.1m-1.15m horses will compete throughout the six day show, so probably cannot be ridden in other classes.

Those who lend horses will receive free stabling and ground fees.

“We believe the Chinese are going to have a huge influence on the New Zealand equestrian scene,” says Hansen. “We have a big plan going forwards that includes working with them with not just horse issues but all sorts of other things too.”

The Chinese are already working with Irish, Germans and Dutch equestrian links but Hansen says they are keen to establish relationships with Kiwis.

“They love our clean, green image. Germany is benefiting from its Chinese relationship to the tune of $18 million a year – New Zealand needs a slice of that!”

Anyone interested in lending horses should contact Kevin Hansen at Event Pro on 06 844 8714 or by email [email protected] .