Eventing is a combination of dressage, cross country and show jumping; which means that each horse and rider must be very versatile:-

Dressage asks each combination to complete a set test of various movements within a 60 x 20 metre arena, each movement to start and finish at an exact marker. The test should look effortless, graceful and easy.

The cross country which follows on the next day is a course of solid, natural looking jumps in a set order over a distance of around 5 kilometres. This will include a water jump which always draws spectators hoping to see a spill into the water!

On the third day there is a show jumping course over coloured fences that knock down fairly easily.

So, each horse has to be obedient and graceful one day, then bold, fast and very fit for the next, and finally very accurate and strong for the third day.

There is a great fascination in seeing which horses (and riders) can make it through to the end without incurring too many penalties or errors.




Entries accepted from 1st December 2014.Entries can be submitted online through Equestrian Entries or manually through website entry form.

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