Fresh start wins the day

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Horse Of The Year

By Lisa Potter

It couldn’t have been a closer finish in today’s Young Rider CDIY test, with Kelly Van Dyk stamping her mark on the class, placing first and second on her two rides.

Even then there was nothing in it – Wolhkahn finished first on 65.053% and Marceau second on 65.052%. It was a great comeback for the Putaruru rider, who was eliminated on Wolhkahn in yesterday’s Young Rider test after erratic behaviour.

Today was a fresh start and she made the most of it, with lovely clean tests on both rides. South Island Young Rider Champion Catherin Tobin with Riverndell Romeo finished third well behind on 59.07%, and National Young Rider Champion Kate Welten had a test uncharacteristically littered with mistakes to wind up at the bottom of the table on 58.65%. Welten has battled a severe stomach bug since arriving at Horse of the Year Show and was debating whether to ride at all.

Tomorrow’s musical freestyle test will determine the overall Horse of the Year Young Rider Champion.