Young rider dressage below par

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Horse Of The Year

It was one of the smallest Young Rider dressage classes ever held at Horse of the Year, with several scratchings in the lead up to the event.

Just a small field of four presented to the judges, and even they were not on top form. Putaruru’s Kelly Van Dyk nursing an injured knee after an unexpected motorbike dismount earlier in the week on the showgrounds and Cambridge National Young Rider Champion Kate Welten spent the morning battling with a severe stomach bug.

In the end Welten managed a safe solid test on board Amajah to take the win on 63.68%, with Van Dyk slotting into second place on Marceau with 62.42%. The pair have gone head to head all season – and Van Dyk’s second ride on her top hope Wolhkahn went anything but according to plan.

The pair were belled by the judge and asked to leave the arena, with the judges deeming the horse to be a danger after it repeatedly reared. South Island Champion Catherine Tobin had to settle for third place, with a few mistakes proving costly, for a final score of 57.19%. The Young Riders have yet to compete in the Individual and Musical freestyle tests to decide the overall Horse of the Year Champion.