Show Hunter

Show Hunter is the jumping event testing technical perfection of horse and rider over fences. Not only is a faultless round required to achieve a top score, but this must also be done with the perfect technique. Scores are based on a percentage and judges are looking to see excellent jumping form where the horse folds his legs well and uses his body and neck basculing in an even arc over the jump. The entire round must be smooth, accurate and flow with rhythm and balance.

 There are two types of events – hunter jumping and equitation. Hunter jumping focusses on the performance of the horse, which of course is only achieved through skilled riding. Equitation looks more closely at the technical ability of the rider to do their job and, while the aim is still a perfect round, judges are focusing on the rider as a technician. Additional tests are included in equitation rounds to truly test the rider.

 Riders on ponies and horses have competed throughout NZ this season to qualify to enter a variety of classes at Farmlands Horse of the Year 2015. This is also the culmination of the Series Competitions where the final points can be scored and leader board positions always change. Series finals are held from Tuesday through to Thursday.

 Show Hunter moves to the Land Rover Premier Arena on Thursday morning with a Combined Category C, B and A Championship. This will be an exciting challenge for the pony riders and they are looking forward to their chance to show off their skills in the Premier Arena.

 It is the first time for a number of years that the ponies will compete in a combined class; this has its own challenges as the ponies jump the same course with the striding been moved for each Category.

The class will be limited to a maximum of 45 ponies.

There will be added pressure in this class to see who handles the move to the premier arena the best.

 To top off the excitement Friday and Saturday are focused on Title classes where the winner of each division takes away the title of Horse or Pony of the Year Champion 2015. The tension builds as the top 10 scorers in the first round are required to jump a second round and the points are accumulated to produce this year's Horse of the Year Champion.

 Many international jumping riders began in Show Hunter where the emphasis is highly skilled riders able to ride with imperceptible precision to produce the perfect round from their horse.


Entry information

Entries accepted from 1st December 2014.Entries can be submitted online through Equestrian Entries or manually through website entry form.

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