All of the team members at Hastings can be truly proud and we must admit thankful to have the weather on our side. The competitors, spectators, sponsors,trade exibitors, and the army of volunteers have all contributed to the best HOY yet.

Some statistics of interest are 2050 horses and ponies in total, 1400 competitors, 1100 accomodated on the Hawkes Bay Showgrounds. With 900 trucks and floats.

We have 65 major sponsors + 70 other contributors. There were 73 trade-sites. Spectator mumbers increased to 8500 at the Friday Night Extravaganza, 6000 attended the Saturday International Day, and 8000 again on Sunday. There were approx 6000 cups of coffee sold over the 5 days,4000 hot dogs, 3000 bottles of water,6000 cans of coke, and over 2000 pots of chips no stats on other food outlets.

The mainlanders made their pilgrimage across the ditch in even larger numbers this year with 87 horses and ponies and participated in most disiplines. By all accounts they will all be back next year.