New Zealand Harness Horse of the Year competition was born in 1999, when the Horse of the Year show moved to the Hawke's Bay Showgrounds. At first this competition was a small competition to show off horses driven in harness.

Over the last few years this competition has increased to a two day competition for Pony, Horse and Donkey competitors.

In 2004 the Harness Horse of the Year went International, inviting a team of drivers form Australia to compete in a competition specifically designed for the Harness Horse of the Year event.

This competition was a great success and all those who took part really enjoyed themselves.

This year we have decided to incorporate showing classes for Hackney and Non Hackney Horses and Ponies.

So why not enter and experience Harness Horse of the Year.

Please go to the schedule and open the Harness Section to find the details of this exciting sport.