New Zealand Mounted Games Association Incorporated

New Zealand Individuals Championships
EF - $50 per class
Classes will be run in the following order
Class 1: Minis - aged 12 years and under.
Class 2: Juniors - aged 17 and under
Class 3: Veterans - aged 25 and over
Class 4: Open - any age
(Ages as at 1st January 2008)

Wednesday 5th March.
Programs, schedules and wristbands will be handed out

12 noon - rider & steward briefing.
12.30pm - Session 1
Thursday 6th March
9.00am - Session 2
FINALS will follow ½ hour break

South Pacific Challenge Cup
EF - $50 per rider
Class 5: Open Teams
Class 6: Major/minor Teams

Thurs 6th March
7.00pm NZMGA BBQ
8.00pm - Team briefing.

Friday 7th March
9.00am - Session 1

Friday Night Spectacular "Teams"

Saturday 8th March
12.30am - Session 2

Saturday Night 7.00pm NZMGA SOCIAL FUNCTION

Sunday 9th March
9.00am - FINALS

1 All competitors and persons responsible must ensure they read and agree to the General Conditions for the HOY Show.
1a A representative of the rider/team Must be present at the rider briefing.
2 Riders competing must be current financial members of NZMGA.
2 Each Individual or Team must provide a helper to assist with equipment/assistant referee or other work. Each Individual or team, to assist with equipment for the heats in which the team/ Individual is competing, MUST provide a helper. In addition, a helper (which may include a rider who is not competing in that heat) will be required to assist in some other heats. A helper's roster will be given to each competitor, prior to the start of competition, so that helpers know what time they will be on duty. Individuals or Teams may be "fined" 5 penalty points on each occasion on which they do not have a helper on duty, as rostered,
3 Additional helpers will be needed and volunteers over and above the conditions printed above, will be very much appreciated.

4 Competitions will be run under International Mounted Games Association Rules. Competitors must be conversant with the rules which are available at http://www.mounted-games.org/imga/
5 A Team consists of 4 or 5 riders.
6 Standard approved safety helmets must be worn (see IMGA rules) and NZMGA strongly recommends the use of NZ Pony Clubs Association currently approved helmets. (Details at http://www.nzpca.org/)

7 There will be 8 races in each session and 10 races in the Final. Points will accumulate over the two sessions. Where there are more than 5 Individuals or Teams in a class, overall points will be used to allocate teams to A, B, C etc Finals. The 5 riders with the most points at the end of session 2 will compete in the A Final, the next 5 riders will compete in the B Final etc.
8 Points for each Final will start at zero.
9 When a class has 5 or fewer Individuals or Teams, then a third session will be run, instead of a Final, with points accumulating.
10 The organizers reserve the right to limit the number of entries or to alter the program.
11 Each rider under 18 years of age must have a parent /guardian / caregiver present at the Games Arena, while they are competing.
12 HEIGHT CERTIFICATES. Mounts are required to be 15hh and under, as per IMGA rules. It is the Organizing Committees decision that on the day of competition that a mount considered to be over this limit shall be measured and if found to be over the 15hh requirement shall be withdraw from competition, unless a current RAS Height Certificate is produced.

13 Major/minor Teams are made up of riders who, through a valid reason of age, inexperience of rider or mount, or other circumstance, are not able to compete in the Open Class.
14 Riders may enter their Age group class and the Open Class.
15 A pony may not be entered in more than one Individuals Class OR Teams Class

DISPLAY: There will be A Mounted Games display on Friday Evening in the Premier Arena. This will be a Teams display competition and Teams of riders will be invited to take part