Carriage Horse of the Year Schedule

Carriage Driving Show Classes
Entry fee $9.00 per class. Prize Money: 1st $40, 2nd $30, 3rd $20 and 4th $10
Class 521 Turnout
Class 522 Concourse d'Elegance
Class 523 Hackney Conformation
Class 524 Hackney Style and Action
Class 525 Non Hackney Conformation up to and including 138cm
Class 526 Non Hackney Paced and Mannered up to and including 138cm
Class 527 Non Hackney Conformation over 138cm
Class 528 Non Hackney Paced and Mannered over 138cm
Class 529 Open Whip
Class 530 Junior Whip (18yrs and under)
Champion and Reserve Champion to be selected from Classes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
Ribbons to 4th Place, Wide ribbons for Champion and Reserve Champion

Class 531 - The Sno Bennett Scurry
Entry fee $30. Prize Money: 1st $150, 2nd 120, 3rd $90, 4th $70, 5th $50, 6th $30, 7th $30 and 8th $30
Wide ribbons to 6th place

Class 532 -Carriage Horse of the Year
To be competed for in one Class.
Entry fee $60. Three phases each with Prize Money: 1st $80, 2nd $70, 3rd $60, 4th $50, 5th $40 and 6th $30.
Horse of the Year Sashes for Champion and Reserve Champion, Wide Horse of the Year Ribbons for 3rd to 6th overall



1. Convening Committee will consist of:-


a. Malcolm Baker (Horse of the Year Committee),
b. Brent Penman (President Hawkes Bay Carriage Driving Soc.),
c. Jill Udy (Hawkes Bay Carriage Driving Soc.)
d. Lachie Hulme-Moir (Secretary New Zealand Carriage Driving Soc.).

2. The Convening Committee will appoint the:-
  a. Course Builders
b. The Event Manager who will have the control of the event and who will undertake the duties of both Technical Delegate and President of the Ground Jury.
c. Ground Jury
d. Secretary.
3. With the approval of the Convening Committee, the Hawke's Bay Carriage Driving Soc. will appoint the Judges and Stewards.
4. Unless stated otherwise the F.E.I. Rules for International Combined Driving Events with N. Z.C.D.S deviations will apply to, Dressage, Obstacle Driving (cones) and Marathon Obstacle Driving (hazards).
5. The event will involve four competitions:-
  l. Carriage Driving Show Classes
2. Scurry
3. Carriage Horse of the Year
4. Driven Dressage.
6. Entries will be on the approved Horse of the Year entry form and payment of the appropriate fees lodged with the Secretary of the Horse of the Year.
7. The Ground Jury will adjudicate on any appeals or complaints by competitors on the day at the event and their decision will be final.
8. Any appeals should be lodged within 30 minutes of the results of any competition or phase of a competition being posted.
9. Competitors must have valid height certificates available at all times.


There will be three divisions:-

1. Hackney,
2. Non Hackney up to and including 138cm
3. Non Hackney over 138cm.
  1. The Hackney Classes will be judged on Conformation and Style and Action.
2. The Non Hackney Classes will be judged on Conformation and Paced and Mannered.
3. There will be a Champion and Reserve Champion judged from the Classes specified in 2 and 3.
4. Other Classes be:-
  i. Concourse d'Elegance,
ii. Turnout,
iii. Open Whip
iv. Junior Whip (18yrs and under).
1. There will be up to 5 numbered gates, excluding start and finish, set at a minimum track distance of 2.5m each with two(2) balled cones.
2. A qualifying practice round will be run prior to the Scurry taking place in the Main Arena. This to provide practice and to establish the starting order of the Main Arena Scurry.
3. The starting order in the Main Arena will be slowest time first to fastest time last.
4. The winner will be the competitor with the fastest time. There will be 3 penalty points for each cone knocked down.
5. Driving the wrong course will place a competitor last.
6. Drivers will be given starting instructions by the Steward prior to the commencement of the Scurry.

The Carriage Horse of the Year Competition will be in three (3) sections.
1. Equitation
2. Obstacle Driving (Cones)
3. Marathon Obstacle Driving (Hazards)

a. A basic test of Dressage movements will be performed in a large arena and judges on the same principles as Driven Dressage as specified in the N.Z.C.D.S. Rules.
b. There will be 9 movements to complete, adapted to the available area, and will include some horse friendly obstacles in accordance (Annex 13 to 18) with variations approved by the Event Manager (Rule 2b) to negotiate during the course.
c. An assessment mark will be awarded for presentation.
d. The marks for all 9 movements and the assessment mark will be out of a possible 10 points. If there is more than one Judge the marks for each movement will be averaged. These will be totaled and the total, deducted from the maximum possible total of 100 points. The resulting points will be the penalty points incurred in this phase of the competition.
e. There will be no elimination in this phase.


a. Each turnout will be required to complete 2 rounds. The cones set at minimum of the track width of the vehicle plus 20cm clearance. There will be specified time for the course.
b. Each cone down incurs 3 penalty points, and any competitor exceeding the allowed time will incur 0.5 of a penalty point/second.
c. Other penalties will be awarded in accordance with the FEI rules for Competition C in Combined Driving Trials.
d. There will be no elimination in this phase. In lieu of elimination a competitor will be given the penalty points of the highest non eliminated competitor plus 20 Penalty Points.
e. For placings in this phase only, places will be awarded on fastest combined time and lowest penalties; but overall competition penalties will be as per 2b, 2c and 2d.

a. Three Marathon Obstacles will be driven by a turnout in succession from the one Start and Finish flags.
b. Each second taken to drive the Marathon Obstacles will incur 0.2 of a penalty point.
c. There will be no elimination in this phase. In lieu of elimination a competitor will have added to their existing penalty points those penalty points of the highest non eliminated competitor.

a. Penalty points for each competitor in each phase will be totaled and placings awarded from the lowest, first, to the highest, last.
b. If there is a tie for first place then the lowest penalty points gained for the Marathon Obstacle driving will be given first placing.


1. Entry at working trot
2. 20m circle right
3. Walk
4. Working trot
5. 20m circle left
6. Working trot
7. Serpentine 3 loops
8. Working Trot
9. Halt, Rein Back, Salute and leave arena at working trot
10. Presentation assessment


The Event Manager - TBA
Chief Course Builder - Brent Penman
Marathon Obstacle Designer - Lloyd Weal
Secretary/Scorer at Show - Lachie Hulme-Moir
Show Judges - TBA
Carriage Horse of the Year Judges - TBA
Chief Steward - TBA