Elegance, class and character ... that is Carriage Driving on show on
Friday morning at the Kelt Capital Horse of the Year Show.

Adrenalin, control and focus ... that is the Scurry on Friday night at
the Kelt Capital Horse of the Year Show Precision, commitment and team work ... that is the Carriage Driving Horse of the Year on Saturday morning.

Carriage, Horse/Pony and Driver uniquely bring the past into the present, enthralling the viewer with
this seldom seen spectacle, while at the same time experiencing excitement, expectation and awe as the Horse of Pony is efficiently driven around a tight Cone course or navigated through a demanding set of obstacles. Time and accuracy win out in the end. Very rarely can an audience witness such a variety
of disciplines from a single unit.

Make it a date, Friday and Saturday mornings, at the corner of Karamu and Kennilworth Roads.

Make it a date to be in the grandstand to experience the spectacular Scurry in the Premier Arena on
Friday Night.