Pleasure Ponies Sponsored By Majestic Horse Tn/Pt Hawkes Bay.

Station Hacks Sponsored By Print Soloutions Hawkes Bay Ltd.

Entry Fee $6.00 Per Class
Entries close 6th February 2008 with The Secretary, P O Box 7272, Taradale, Napier.
Entries to be submitted on the Kelt Capital Horse of the Year entry form available on this website under Entry Forms or phone 06 844 8716.
Competition starts at 9.00 Pony Show Hunter Ring

Ridden Pleasure Ponies,
Class 541 Best Presented
Class 542 Novice Pony no more than 3 wins.
Class 543 Open Pony .
Class 544 Best Pony Club Mount.
Class 545 Paced & Mannered,
Class 546 Best Rider Under 13yrs
Class 547 Best Rider 13yrs & Over.

Champion & Reserve Champion Ridden

Ridden Pleasure Horses.
Class 548 Best Presented
Class 549 Novice Horse No more than 3 wins.
Class 550 Open Horse
Class 551 Paced & Mannered.
Class 552 Best Walking Horse
Class 553 Best Trotting Horse
Class 554 Best Rider

Champion & Reserve Ridden Hack.

Ridden Station Hacks. (Working Stockhorses)
( Horses must work with Stockwhip. Riders Attire Stockman Dress Code.)

Class 555 Stockmans Turnout Presentation.
Class 556 Novice Hack
Class 557 Open Hack
Class 558 Best Walking Hack.
Class 559 Working Stockhorse.
Class 560 Best Rider
Class 561 Shepards Hack.

Champion & Reserve Champion Station Hack

Rules for Pleasure Horse & Ponies and Station Hacks
1. A Pleasure Horse & Pony Must never of competed out side a pleasure class at any A&P Show or Sportsday.
2.Pleasure Horses & Ponies must be ridden in a Snaffle Bit only & No Drop or Hanovarian Nose Bands.
3. Ponies to be ridden by riders 16yrs & under.
4. Pleasure Horses/Ponies
Must Be Ridden by Pleasure Riders Only.
Pleasure Ponies Start Sunday the 9th at 9am,
Pleasure Horses Start After Pleasures Ponies.

Station Hacks. Start 9.30am on Sunday the 9th.
1. Station Hacks must be working horses from a Station or Horses that do Stock work on Properties.

2. Station hacks must be ridden in a Open Bridle with no Nose bands & a Tom Thumb Loose Ring or a Fulhmar Bit.

Nominations fee is $6.00 Per Class