The future of NZ Show jumping, Eventing, Dressage/Riding Horses

It is time for the New Zealand Breeding Industry to be recognised as a very important component of the whole Equestrian Package

With every breeders support and participation this NEW section of the HOY show will develop into a prestigious marketing showcase for all
New Zealand Bred Performance Horses

It is envisaged the classes will show case the very best PURPOSE BRED horses NZ has to offer

International Judges for 2008

One with a back ground in jumping Horses
One with a background in Dressage/riding horses
JUDGES - confirmation of names to be advised
• JUDGES WRITERS Robin Potter Auckland
Jenny Gerrick Waikato
• STEWARD Megan Harvey
• MARSHALL Craig Dysart


Open to horses registered, age and breed branded with a recognised breed society and/or registered with the NZ Equestrian Federation

( i.e. Holsteiner, Hanoverian, Selle Francais, Trakehner, NZ, Swedish, Dutch Warmbloods, Thoroughbred or NZ Equestrian Federation ID Card)
A copy of the birth papers of each horse must accompany your entry form.


HORSES: to be presented in show condition
First impressions and overall appearance can sway
the judge's final decision

HANDLERS: suitable attire for running horses out
i.e. shirt in stud colours/logo, Riding or Reefer jacket with, slacks/ trousers/jodhpurs footwear suitable for running
A showing cane may be carried


Horses will be judged according to the one with the best potential as a performance horse i.e. built for the job of Dressage/riding or jumping whether it be in competition or breeding

Conformation 40% and Movement 60%

The walk and trot format will be at the judges discretion…be prepared for the European way of presenting led horses. Dressage/riding horses will have particular attention paid to the elasticity and expansiveness of the trot
Breeders may wish to employ a professional runner to do the trot component of their classes,
Mr Eric Ropiha ( 06 376 5166 ) is available to instruct on the correct way to present and trot horses out, please feel free to contact him for help in this area.


These classes are in the Premier Arena , this arena has to run to time so if you are not there at the time of your class you will not be judged. There will be a marshal and there is a marshalling area within this arena to assemble before the Steward calls you for your class… there well before your class time.


Class 501 3.15pm
Class 502 3.31 pm
Class 503 3.47 pm
Class 504 4.07pm
Class Championship 4.23pm
Class505 4.39 pm
Class 506
4.50 pm
Class 507 5.06 pm
Class 508
5. 25 pm
Class Championship 5.41 pm