Welsh ponies are one of the world’s most versatile ponies. They are excelling in all facets of the equestrian scene in all parts of the world.

The Welsh Mountain pony needs little introduction. They must not exceed 12hh (121.9cm) in height. In New Zealand they are used extensively in the show ring. Most of our top Lead Rein ponies are Section A or (Welsh Mountain) ponies.
They have also excelled in other disciplines like 1st ridden and harness.

Section B welsh ponies must not exceed 13.2hh (137.2cm) in height. The general description of the Welsh mountain pony can be applied to the section B with greater emphasis being on riding pony qualities whilst still retaining the true Welsh quality with substance. Many of our top Riding ponies are Welsh section B / cross.

The Welsh pony of Cob type (section C) is the stronger counterpart of the Welsh pony. Their height must not exceed 13.2hh (137.2cm) Section D’s are to be strong hardy animals, active with pony character and as much substance as possible. They can be of any height.
The action of the C and D Cobs is to be free, true and forcible. The knee should be bent and the whole foreleg should extend straight from the shoulder and as far forward as possible at the trot. Hocks flexed under the body with straight powerful leveredge.