Thursday 6th March 3.15pm - 6.15pm
Premier Arena

3.15pm Class 501. 2 Year old Performance Bred Horse (any sex)
3.31pm Class 502 3 Year Old Performance Bred Horse (any sex)
3.47pm Class 503 Filly as a Potential Broodmare
4.07pm Class 504 Colt as a future sire of Performance bred horses

Champion Young Performance Bred Horse of the Year

4.39pm Class 505. 4 Year and Over Mare for breeding Performance Horses
4.50pm Class 506. 4 Year and Over Performance Bred horse for Dressage/Riding
5.06pm Class 507. 4 Year and over Performance Bred horse for Jumping
5.25pm Class 508 Stallion for breeding performance bred Horses

Champion Adult Performance Bred Horse of the Year
(2nd placing to the champion to stand by and the winners of the other three classes to compete with it for the Reserve Champion if required )

ENRTY FEE $20.00 for all classes PRIZE MONEY $100, $80, $60, $40

CHAMPIONS to receive $1000 plus a rug and sash
RESERVE to receive $250 and a sash.

Open to horses registered,age and breed branded/ DNA Typed or Microchipped with a recognized breed society and or registered with the NZ Equestrain Federation.

Classes to be divided into jumping and riding/dressage horses if sufficient numbers
Temperament will be a factor when deciding the championship
Any horse disrupting a class will be disqualified and asked to leave the arena
There will be a box to tick as to whether your horse has been bred for jumping or dressage/riding
There will be a box to tick if your horse is for sale
There will be a space for information on your stud, the breeding and performance of your horse to be used by the announcer of the class
A copy of your horses' birth papers must accompany your entry, your entry will be returned to you if this is omitted.

ENTRIES CLOSE 4PM 06 February 2008
For further information please contact Sue Nation on ph/fax 06 8573721 or email:
[email protected]