The organizers of HOY 2005 have secured 4 experienced German GP riders to compete at HOY 2005 in the Prix St George and the O/M Freestyle Derbies. Horses are rquired for these riders, and also riders wishing to test themselves against these riders please contact

Wendy Hamerton.

Ph 06-272 9022 or 027-240 2702

or email [email protected]

All horses used by the International riders will recieve a payment of $100 per class and free horse accomodation at the HOY 2005.

All the International classes will be held in the Dressage area in the Oval and this will ensure there will be NO changes to the timetable for classes and presentations.

The HOY 2005 committee and Dressage NZ in conjuction with Nth HB Dress Group and HB Show Grounds are committed to making the most of the opportunity to promote Dressage here at Hastings and to that end have arranged 2 dressings of sandy loam for the main dressage areana's. We will continue to upgrade all facilites as we are able and in doing so feel the support of all riders is essential.