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Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdales are recognised as gentle giants within the equine industry.  Traditionally they have been used as working horses for ploughing the fields, bringing in the hay, and heavy haulage such as cream carts and brewery wagons.  As the Clydesdale has a kind, willing attitude to work and elegance in movement, they are now seen as the horse to breed into many disciplines.  At Horse of the Year, the Clydesdale section is supported nationwide Clydesdale enthusiasts.  Wagon rides will be available.   This year, the Clydesdale classes will be run on Saturday and Sunday, giving Clydesdale breeders, riders and drivers a chance to demonstrate the versatility of this beautiful animal.    We extend an invitation to all purebred Clydesdale owners to join this competition at Horse of the Year 2011.  You will be able to find the Clydesdales on the corner of Karamu Road and Kenilworth Road.

This is a special year for the Clydesdale Society as they are celebrating 100 years of acitivity in New Zealand.  Memorabelia will be available at our section.on the corner of Karamu Road and Kenilworth Road.

Clydesdale owners unsure if they can attend our classes, please contact Penelope as we need to keep growing and displaying our beautiful horses.

Her email address is [email protected] 

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