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Side Saddle 
A little bit of intrigue still surrounds an elegantly dressed lady, riding side-saddle on a perfectly-turned out horse.  To those unfamiliar with this style of riding, it seems hard to imagine how a rider can sit safely upon a horse, when both legs are on one side.

The elegant art of side saddle riding enjoys a growing popularity both in New Zealand and in many countries overseas.  One of the first organisations to foster and encourage the resurgence of aside riding was founded in England in 1974, when Janet Macdonald and Valerie Frances wrote a letter to "Horse & Hound" magazine, hoping to gather a band of like-minded enthusiasts to keep alive a dying art.   From that beginning the "Side Saddle Association"
was born and over the years has become respected throughout the UK and abroad.

Just seven years later, in 1981, the New Zealand Side Saddle Association was formed in Kaukapakapa, Rodney County, just north of Auckland, to preserve and encourage the art of side saddle riding in New Zealand.  The New zealand Side Saddle Association is affiliated to the parent Side Saddle Association in England.

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