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Please note that as from Friday 11th Feb the qualifying conditions for the Welsh section have been lifted.

All ponies entered in this section must be registered with the WPCS of NZ.  No other qualifications are now required.  No late entry fees will be charged until the 1st March 2011

Welsh Ponies and Cobs

Welsh ponies are one of the world's most versatile ponies.  They are excelling in all facets of the equestrian scene in all parts of the world.

The Welsh Mountain pony need little intorduction.  Most of our top lead Rein ponies are Section  A or (Welsh Mountain) ponies.

Section A must not exceed (
121.9cm) 12hh in height.  In New Zealand they are used extensively in the show ring, first year ridden and harness classes.

Section B Welsh ponies are up to (137.2cm) 13.2hh in height.  The Section B has greater emphasis on riding pony qualities while still retaining the true Welsh quality and substance.   Many of our top riding ponies are Welsh Section B/cross.

The Welsh Cob (Section C) is a much stronger version of the Welsh Pony and their height must not exceed 13.2hh.  Section D Welsh are over 13.2hh these are a big and heavy animal.  Their natural stamina and agility along with their good nature make them a great ride across the countryside and in the show ring they are quite spectacular to watch as they show off their paces and cover the ground.

This years Welsh classes include, to name a few, Turnout for Pony and Handler, Ridden Welsh, Purebred Pony of the Year plus we are also having a Partbred Pony of the Year for the first time.

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