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Show Hunter riders qualifying with the required 20 points to enter HOY 2011 will arrive with one thought, will the course provide the best opportunity to display jumping techniques practiced over a long season?


The course designers know the courses they design for HOY 2011 will make or break even the most seasoned competitors, shattering the hopes of some and rewarding those that plan their ride.  Course Designer’s thoughts will centre on whether their course is safe for the riders and the horses competing, does it encourage effective riding and good horsemanship, and will it give a pleasing result when the course is ridden correctly by a competitor who is well prepared? 


The HOY 2011 courses will consist of between 8-10 fences incorporating lead changes and variable stride lengths between a line of jumps.  Strides between a line of jumps are based on a formula fixed within the Show Hunter rules and vary between Hack and Pony categories.  Your best bet is to check the rules on The fences will be decorated with flowers and fill to make the jumps look attractive, solid and inviting; their positioning, formation and construction will be to encourage a technically correct jump. 


There are no practice rounds at HOY so riders will need to plan their riding lines from the plans posted at the gate on the day of competition.


In past years course designers have had to work with limited space and weather conditions that have seen rings turned into lakes during a competition.  HOY 2011 promises much more as significant work has been done on the traditional Show Hunter area by the HOY organizers.  Promising an even better area to work with we look forward to the challenges the 2011 courses will bring to the competition, giving the good horses the opportunity to show their class.


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