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On Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd March 2009, the Clydesdale Horse Society members from around the country have the pleasure of attending Horse of the Year Show. On Friday and Saturday, we can be found at a trade tent where you can get a ride either on the wagon pulled by a team of beautiful Clydesdale horses. Traditionally the Clydesdales have been used as work horses for ploughing the fields, hay making, heavy haulage and transport. Today while still performing many of these tasks for many of our members they have also become a horse of pleasure. On Sunday in the working horse competition you can see them performing in a range of events including sledge classes, wagon classes, log skidding and even a ridden Clydesdale class. We are a friendly bunch of people who enjoy the gentle nature, strength and beauty of the Clydesdale horse and wish to share this with other equine enthusiasts.

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