Kelt Capital Horse of the Year - A celebration of all things equestrian - New Zealand


There are four Showjumping arenas that will be operating from Tuesday 17th March through to Sunday 22nd March.  These arenas cater for all degrees of ability and experience, from the under 12 year old pony class through to the professional Grand Prix Showjumper who would be able to compete favourably against the world’s best.  The skill required to successfully complete these courses is immense, as the competitors follow the track, set by the Course Designer who will always have some design methods to test both Horse and Rider.  No matter what level you are competing at, the respective Horse of the Year title is their ultimate aim.

Competing beside New Zealand’s best, will be riders from South Africa, Australia, and hopefully a few of the world’s best from Europe , America and Asia.  Against these riders a number of the top combinations from across the Tasman will be competing.  All adding to the value and excitement of this “Celebration of All Things Equestrian”.

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As the combination of Horse and Rider test themselves against the course, the time and the other competitors for a total prize money of $750.000 in the class which is the climax of the Show – the Olympic Cup
on Sunday 22nd March 2009.